Branding Palantir's conference for world leaders


Live from the stage/my workspace

Palantir's annual Govcon event hosts leaders from the military and intelligence communities. The conference is where Palantir—now worth $20 billion—introduces new products, so the presentation needed to be top-notch.



According to the Wall Street Journal, Palantir helps "the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation quickly visualize relationships among large amounts of data." Given the company's mission and the event's unique audience I wanted the look for Govcon 8 that communicated continuity, stability, and secrecy.



After several rounds of iteration and refinement I landed on a mark that's reminiscent of an infinity symbol. I created two versions of the mark for different applications. The standalone "8" symbol worked well for dark surfaces, while the contained version was stronger on light backgrounds. A simple brand guideline helped maintain consistency across multiple vendors.



The most important application of the branding was the prominent main stage signage. I backlit the identity so it would remain visible without distracting from presentations by CEO Alex Karp and other notable speakers.



The event program was a 24-page booklet with a matte latex-infused paper cover. The Govcon 8 identity was debossed in black foil, making it invisible until it reflected the light. Postcards with a list of sessions—including talks like "Biometric Analysis at the Tactical Edge" and "Responsibly Engineering the Future of Privacy"—were mailed to promote the Govcon event.



GovCon 8 was Palantir's largest and most successful conference to date, with over 1,500 attendees from government, military, intelligence, and financial sectors. Final deliverables included the identity, promotional website, take-away collateral, program guides, maps, environmental signage, attendee lanyards, and presentation motion-graphics.