Project Management

Creating DoorDash's national food photography network

I started DoorDash's food photography program. Largely an operations project, I grew our network from a few test shoots to a team of 70 operating nationwide.


Case Studies


Dasher Instant Pay


Dasher Orientation



Launching a start up at TechCrunch Disrupt

Frustrated by build breaks and development delays at Palantir, my colleagues and I set out to improve how enterprise engineering teams test and ship code.

Helping DoorDash customers order together on the go

Food is meant to be shared. As more customers ordered on their phones, shared mobile group orders became our most-requested feature.

Launching the Salesforce Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce

When Marc Benioff decided the Analytics Cloud would be the keynote product at Dreamforce, our team of four designers had six months to get the product ready.







For 14 years I've helped companies solve business problems through design.

I started designing and building websites for clients in 2005 as a way to pay for college.

Now I'm most interested in team organization, business operations, and how excellent product design helps startups succeed. I also enjoy teaching and speaking about design.




How UX Debt Messes with your Metrics

Do poor test results indicate bad solutions, or is UX debt making sound solutions appear unsuccessful?


10 Questions You Should Ask in a UX interview

Interviewing your interviewer is critically important in determining whether a position will also be a fit for you.


Breaking into UX

The three-step path to becoming a user experience designer.