Helping the Dasher community succeed

Live from the stage/my workspace

Whether it's to buy a car, take a vacation, or simply pay the bills, at DoorDash I'm most passionate about helping over 100,000 Dashers hit their financial goals. In my free time I've launched several side projects to help Dashers succeed.



Knowing when and where to Dash is the best way to make money on the platform...


To best help Dashers I wanted to understand their needs inside and out. For years there wasn’t a formal user research team at DoorDash, so I needed to get creative. I learned the most by moderating a Facebook Group of 5,000 active drivers. I answered hundreds of questions, handled support requests, and learned how best to describe new features. Through the relationships I developed I was able to get honest feedback and identify holes in the system that needed filling.


Virtual Orientation

One of the best ways to help Dashers succeed is to teach best practices during the initial orientation. When I started every market had a different process, and the content of the orientations wasn't always up-to-date. The presentation was also over an hour long, so key details could easily be missed. I created a new Orientation that could be distributed virtually. This central deck standardized content across markets. Cutting out unnecessary details reduced the deck from 60 slides to ten.


Dasher Knowledge Base

Previously a Google doc. Millions of views. Local teams manage and have added multiple pages to explain the nuances of Dashing in each market.


Coordinated with Ops and Support to create Squarespace site within one week, allowing us to kill the old Google Doc. Redirected links on and in-app to new driver site. Got 258,592 page views from 58,154 unique visitors in first ten weeks. Learned that 64.33% and 35.67% of visitors view the site on mobile vs desktop, respectively.



  • More efficiently tell Dashers exactly what they need to know. Most of DoorDash's 30 markets now use virtual training. Helped the business because Dashers can get oriented from home, versus come on site for a presentation.

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